6 months, are you serious?

Seth is 6 months already!!! Holy Cow where does the time go? I will post some pictures when I find some time to go get the camera and upload them :) We had a great Christmas and Seth is about to cut his bottom teeth. He always has his hands in his mouth which is a good thing and he latched on a toy when I put it in his hand and put it in his mouth which is a huge thing, so that was really exciting.

The 29th we had a PT evaluation and he will need on-going PT. It will be once a week for an hour for at least a year. I am not sure when it will start exactly but she said in about 3 weeks, so most likely when we get back from Disneyland. The PT said that he was about 3 months behind which was extremely HARD. I can not describe to anyone, unless you have experienced the same thing, how hard that is to hear.

On January 2nd we had the OT come out and do an evaluation and Seth will also need OT on-going meaning once a week for an hour as well. Donnie (OT) is super nice and seems to really love helping kids and he has worked with one other CMV baby so that made me feel a little bit better. He said that Seth is around the 2-3 month stage so he is about 3-4 months behind and hearing that again was not fun. It was a flood of emotions and thoughts that I was not ready for. That day was really hard for me but I did my best to get through it!

Soon we will have a speech and feeding therapist coming out to evaluate Seth and they will let me know if it needs to be on-going like the other ones are. So to say the least my life got just a little bit more crazy but I will do anything for my little muffin and this is just the start!