Seth has...


I woke up to Seth crying this morning at 5:45am and not too thrilled that he was up but I got out of bed and headed into his room. He was on his back! (He sleeps on his belly and I put him to bed last night on his belly so I know he did it himself) It was so excited and happy that he finally did it on his own without help. I woke Mike up when I went back into the room to let him know.

I do not know how to express this to make sense but in a cmv world when you are told that your baby might not walk, talk, sit, stand, have brain damage, seizures, vision issues and many more things it is very hard to get past that and live each day like he's gonna be okay. It's very hard for me to not feel guilty for what has happened to him, to not blame myself for the fact that he is 4 months behind and not doing the things that a 7 month old should be doing. Its hard to think that he might not see everything that I can see because I got a cold...a stupid cold did this and I was the one that got the cold. My mind goes places that it shouldn't but it does and it is a hard thing to get out of your head. I can have someone tell me every single day, "its not your fault, you did not do this to Seth, you just got a cold." and still my thoughts can go right back to the fact that I am the reason he is so far behind and if I would have never gotten sick, or washed my hands more, or didn't let myself get so worn down than I would have never gotten the cold, but again that was not Gods plan. As you can see I can make myself sick with all of the thoughts that I have. Anyways, my point is that when I walked in that room this morning and saw that he was on his back...I was not in a cmv world I was in HIS world, maybe for the first time, and he just did something that some doctors said that he might NEVER do. Yes he was behind 3-4 months in rolling over but he did it!

So now for some updates. Jan 8th Seth had his 6 month check up and is still a big boy. 19.7 pounds 75% and 28 1/2 inches 95% so he is still growing strong. He had an enlarged spleen at the time and they want me to get an ultrasound done to get it checked out so I have to schedule that still. Then that following Tuesday I took him back into the doc where he had another UTI again nothing new there it was bound to happen again. Then Thursday the 14th I took him back in for a horrible cough that he started getting Tuesday night. On the way to the doc he was coughing so hard that he was throwing up everywhere and all the time. I had to pull over 4 times to make sure that he was still breathing before I made it to the doctors. He ended up having RSV and got some medicine. The next day (Friday) we headed to Disney and he was just not feeling that great. He threw up many times on the way there from coughing. We can back home Monday and went back into the doctors Tuesday where they gave us a breathing machine and we had to do breathing treatments on him for about a week. Finally he is doing much better and I do not think I have heard him cough in two days which is really nice.

Yesterday we had our first official OT session which was really nice to finally get that started. Donny is his therapist and he is really wonderful with kids and you can tell he just really loves what he is doing. He spent a lot of time with Seth and just working with him on grasping toys once you put it near his hands. All in all it went well and we will start having it every week for an hour on Tuesdays.

Here a few pictures from the past month :)

6 months old

Playing in his bumbo

laying around

Christmas morning!

7 months old

Trying to feed him. He still does not like it.