Thats the amount of money spent on co-pays since Seth has been born. In 7 months 1107.00 dollars has been spent on co-pays alone for my little guy (not including Sydney) to go to the doctors and specialists. That averages to about 55 doctor visits in 7 months. Seriously????

That is not including medical bills that we have paid or unpaid bills sitting on the counter and prescriptions. After seeing that number alone without calculating the others I knew that we needed to get accepted for long-term care. We have turned in everything that we can for that so I am just waiting for them to call me and do the over the phone interview and see if they will take Seth. I have heard that kids with CVI and seizure disorders have an easier time getting accepted so we just have to wait to see what they say. If you think about it prayers are always welcome especially with this and praying that they state will start covering him!