Surgery #1

Seth had his first surgery on Feb 11, 2010. He actually had a few things done at once. He got circumcised...which led into a buried penis issue so they had to stitch all around the entire penis. And then he also had two deflux injections it each ureter. Basically they inject gel balls into the ureters to prevent urine flowing back up into the kidneys and causing infection.

He did amazing! The last time I could feed him was 1:20am and his surgery was at 8:30am. He was so hungry when we got to the surgery center. Thank goodness Lisa was able to come with me. She was able to get him to sleep for a little bit before they took him back. He was in surgery for about an hour and Lisa and I just hung out talking about how hungry we were and how tired we were as well. The called us back around 10am and they said everything went great and that he was such a good little boy. After the surgery all he wanted to do was eat so that is exactly what we let him do :) After we were able to go home all Lis and I wanted to do was get something to eat. So we headed to the Good Egg and had some yummy food and Seth just hung with us. You would have never known that he had just been operated on.

He was also AMAZING and such a happy little guy after his surgery. He was great until Sunday afternoon when some of the healing skin came off and we had to start back at the beginning. He was in so much pain Sunday night and he was also off Monday as well.

Here are some pictures from Thursday:
Getting ready for surgery

He was so hungry and all he wanted to do was eat some FOOD!

Trying to get his hand into his mouth in an IV

What a cute little muffin!

This was hours after surgery...he is holding his feet. It has taken him a while but he has found them!

Wednesday, the day before his surgery he had an eye doctor appointment and I was told by his eye doc that Seth's optic nerve in his left eye is not formed all the way and the right eye looks better but since he is still little they can not get an exact measurement of them so all we know is the left is worse than the right but we do not know if the right is fully formed or not. If Seth was not born with cCMV we would have to get testing done to figure out why they were not fully formed but because of the cCMV we know that is why and the Doc said that he was 95% sure that Seth does have CVI (cortical vision impairment). To confirm for sure he would need an MRI and his eye doc does not want to do that unless we really had a reason so we are going to wait until Dr. Bernes, his neurologist, schedules and then we will have the confirmed diagnosis. Our next step is to get in touch with ASDB (Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind) and Foundation for the Blind. There they can help us with what kind of therapies that he can benefit from. I heard it before from another doc that he might have CVI and I actually thought that this was something that we might have to deal with before meeting with the eye specialists but to actually hear it was hard. I know that being blind or considered blind is not the end of the world and that he is still here with me but at the same time it hurts my heart. I just want the best for my little muffin. I know that he is not blind and that he can see somethings, what he can see is unknown and we will not know that until he can actually talk to us. Its just something that is going to take me sometime to process this and be really okay with it.