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This past month has been a little crazy. The day before we left for vacation Seth had a horrible cough and so I took him into the doctor. He got RSV. So not fun and not what I wanted to hear right before we were heading to Disneyland. The next morning I got the kids up at 6am and sure enough Sydney had a cough so I thought that she was gonna get it as well.  We headed out to met up with the Matt, Lisa, and the kids, and Sean and Deni...and on our way Sydney threw-up twice in the car. I was thinking...this is the time to turn around and go home. Once we met up with them and Sydney got out of the car she was acting fine, so we decided to go anways. I have never dealt with that much vomit in my life. In the end she was just car sick and Seth was coughing so hard he would throw up. That was not the only problem on the way. Matt and Lisa's car decided to stop working so they had to find a rental. The rest of Friday, once we got to the house, was fun and quite enjoyable, besides the fact the two of the MacCallum kiddos got pink eye. Again it was the trip from Hell.

Saturday was DL and I went for about 2 hours. At the end of those 2 hours I had vomit all over me from Seth coughing and the "small world" ride had vomit in the water :) I was ready to go back to the house and get Seth down and take a SHOWER. The kids loved DL and really that is what it is all about and they had a great time. They went again on Sunday and Monday we headed back home.

The house that we rented was amazing and I loved it and will for sure rent there again. It was so close to Disneyland and they had everything that we would ever need. All we had to bring were clothes for all of us. They had toys, beds, cribs, strollers, car, shampoo, laundry, movies, ect. It was amazing and the kids had a blast at the house.

Seth is finally over RSV but Sunday morning woke up with pink eye. He has surgery Feb 11th and an eye appointment at the end of the month. He is seeing an OT every week and hopefully soon the physical, speech, feeding therapists weekly as well. It has been a little overwhelming for me but we will get through it.

Sydney is officially potty trained but we are still working on night time. She just drinks too much so we have to make a cut off time for her drinks and make sure she goes to the bathroom right before bed and as soon as she wakes up. We started preschool with her and she does it Monday and Wednesday and then every other Friday. She loves going over to the MacCallum's for school. Lisa already home-school's her oldest so since we are homeschooling our kiddos we decided to do the younger kids together and I would help Drew with math. So far we have been doing this for 2 days and the other days I just do stuff with Sydney on my own.

Besides Sydney being very strong willed she is also pretty funny. The funniest thing lately is...

-She does not understand that her name is Sydney Marinello. So if I say it to her she will say right back, "I'm not a Marinello, I SYDNEY!"
-She does not wait sometimes to take her pants off before getting into the bathroom. She is getting better at it but typically she will drop the pants about 20 feet away from the bathroom and then shuffle the rest of the way.
-Two weeks ago she was on tylenol with codeine and she was a totally different kid and she talked on the phone with Lisa for about 10 mins and it was the funniest thing. She was going on and on about nothing.

We leave this Thursday to go up north with my family. We are going to try and get to snowboard and just hang out together as a family. My mom broke her foot so she will spend most of her time with the grandkids. I really want to get Sydney on a snowboard but I am not sure she will actually do it so I think we might wait another year.

Here are some pictures from DL. Hope you enjoy!

The Disney House

The play room

The table/kitchen

Tea Party

The candy wall...so much fun

The kids playroom

The gum-ball and bouncy ball machine/the secret passage way

Tarzan room

Princess room

Mickey room

First Day at DL

Walking into the park with the gang

Syd and Topher being goof-balls

Getting ready for day 2

The moms stayed at the house with the younger ones and the men went with the older kids to DL

Saying good-bye to Minnie

Topher...the coolest kid at DL