EEG results.

We had Seth's EEG on Wednesday and we also met with the Dr and we have decided that the best thing for Seth right now is to go on prednisone, so starting tomorrow he will start his 6 week course of it. The prednisone causes really bad reflux plus he already has it bad so if you think about it could you pray that he is not too miserable for the next six weeks. I will be taking him into the chiropractor a lot for the next six weeks to keep him comfortable. If you want to read more about the EEG and results you can go to his blog :) Gloriously Woven

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support for Seth and our family!

Getting all of the cords attached to his little head.

Lookin like a mummy.

He did so amazing that day and was such a trooper. We love you Seth!