Tomorrow at 12:30 we have to take Seth to Phoenix Children's Hospital so he can have another EEG done. The test will be about an hour and they need him to be awake and asleep for the test. After the test the Neurologist will read it and then meet with us and talk to us about getting Seth on some steroids. This was something that I did not want but also something that needs to happen so it is a little frustrating and overwhelming for me.

I want Seth to be okay. I want the seizures to stop but right now I only give him the meds that I am told and they are not doing the trick so back to the doc again and praying for something to work out. This kind of tests I really do not look forward to (not that anyone would) and to be honest I get a little bit of anxiety about it. 

Please if you think about it pray for Seth and that if its God's will that He will heal him. I love him so much and sometimes the spasms bother him enough to make him cry and there is nothing that I can do for him.