Feeling Yucky.

I hate when you try so hard to keep your kids from getting sick but they do anyways, that drives me insane but when you have a kid that is always in and out of doctor offices it is rather hard. Since January Seth has gotten RSV twice, a double ear infection twice and now he is getting another cold. I hope that the cold does not rest in his lungs and cause us more issues.

He is getting his two bottom teeth and I can not wait for them to break through because he can be in so much pain from them. Some nights he just shoves his fist so hard into his mouth hoping that it will help him but I normally have to torture the poor little muffin with either teething tablets or pain reliever.

I have been trying to feed Seth solids since we was about 5 months old. At 5 months I just thought that he was not ready for food. He would just spit it out like he does with him medicine, so I just stopped thinking that he was not ready and tried again at 6 months. I was trying every other day since then praying that he would get the hang of it but if you ever saw him try and eat you would know that he just really, and I mean really does NOT like it. Now I try as often as I can because he really needs to start eating...last night he ate 12 spoons full of sweet potatoes and rice cereal! I was so excited because normally I cant even get him to eat more than 5. He was such a good boy and only gagged a few times and actually tried to swallow it rather than find a way to spit it out.

Right now Seth has a developmental specialist that comes to the house on Thursdays and and Occupational Therapist that comes on Tuesdays. We finally got provided with a Physical Therapist which I have been praying for, for a long time. The state has been a little slow at getting one and Donny, Seth's OT was getting beyond frustrated as was I, so he called his company and got one for me :) I am not sure what days she will be coming out but I am praying that it can be either a Tuesday or a Thursday so that all my days are not crazy.

So if you think of it prayers for Seth are huge and that he stays healthy.