I have been wanting to give Seth a haircut for a while now and it was getting long on the sides so that is exactly what I ended up doing, Well I guess its what Lisa ended up doing :) I wanted to give him a mohawk but did not have the clippers to do so but aunt Lisa did. I went over Friday to drop something off and ended up staying for a little while so we could cut his hair. He is so freakin cute its not even funny, I smile every time I see him. I have always had people mention to me how much they love his hair color, or that he has such pretty hair, BUT I have never had so many people tell me how much they love his hair or how cute it is. I may be biased but He is such a muffin!

The First day out and STYLED!

In his bath before I washed his hair.

I can not help but smile at the little muffin.

Oh he is so cute!

I love that he has drool hanging from his chin.

NO more pictures mom!

I love him!