Random ;)

So I have been on a Dr. Seuss kick for a really long time and I finally ordered stuff for his room and it has ARRIVED :)

I got some cool wall stickers, blankets, burp cloths, hamper, and an awesome chair. I can not wait to get a few more things and the cool thing is I will be able to use it for the next kid as well because I am so in LOVE with it ;)

Here are some pics of his rooms now:

The coolest chair EVER!


I need to find something to cover the shelf...it came with something but Sydney tore it off when she was one and I have not gotten anything yet.

Last weekend we went to the Park for James' third birthday and Sydney had so much fun. She could play at the park all day long if we let her and then if we add her bestest friends, The MacCallum clan, she would never come home. I love watching her play with her friends and how much she loves them. I love the MacCallum kids so much and they are all so freakin cute and make me laugh in their own ways.

Helping grandpa with the wood floors. He loves it when she wants to hang out with him!

Sydney and Lorelai...oh how they love each other. They are way too cute!

A day at the park

Running like a crazy kid.