So on Wednesday Lisa watched Sydney for us while Mike and I took Seth to Phoenix Children's Hospital to get his EEG done. The test was suppose to be at 12:30 but they were a little bit behind so we did not get in till about 1:00. After the test we went across to another building to meet with his neurologist and talk about the results and medication for Seth.

The test was not a normal result but yet a better result than neurologist was thinking it was going to be. We have decided that the best route to take for Seth is to put him on the steroids, so he will be on prednisone for 6 weeks. For some reason everyone that I talked to about this including me thought that it was going to be a lot longer than 6 weeks but I guess 6 weeks is long enough to stop them...God willing! Dr. Bernes wanted some blood work done before we left to check his liver & kidney function, sugar levels, platelet counts and a few other things, so we headed down to the third floor to do his blood work. It was taking a lot longer than we thought it was going to and we had Seth's first Physical Therapy appointment at 4:00pm at out house and it was already 3:15pm. So I had to call Brenda, his PT, and ask if we could do it at 4:30pm so that we would not have yet another week without PT.

We got home at about 4:30 and had PT for an hour. He does for sure have high muscle tone in his arms and legs and low muscle tone in his torso. For this week we are suppose to be working on strengthening his abs by doing sit-ups with him. Our goal for the next few weeks are to get him to roll over from his back to his stomach and work on getting him to sit up by himself. I am really excited for PT to finally start and I really do like his PT Brenda.

Thursday while I was on my way out to meet Lisa and the kids for lunch I got a call from Seth's hematologist telling me that they have the results from his ultrasound that was on Monday. The ultrasound was on the whole abdomen and it was NORMAL! Everything was just fine and they have signed off so we no longer have to go and see the hematologist :) We will only have to go back to them if our pediatrician sends us there for a reason. The was the best news that I have gotten about Seth in a very long time and it actually gave me chills because it has been a long time since I have gotten some positive outcomes from the doctors.

Tomorrow (Sat.) we are starting the prednisone so if you think of it could you please be praying that first off it works and second off the side effects are not horrible and that he does not react badly from it. Tuesday at 10am Seth will be getting tubes in his ears to prevent fluid from just sitting in there like it has been for the past couple of months so if you think of it pray that everything goes smoothly from that as well.

Thanks again to everyone that has been praying for my little muffin and the family and thank you so much to those that have been here for me especially during all of this!