I use to buy a lot more healthy food for our house meaning snack wise. I use to always go to the farmers market because we use to live right by one and I would just buy tons of fruit and vegetables and if we ever wanted a snack that is what we would have...same with Sydney. Since we have moved I have gotten really bad at it and quite frankly lazy. It was just easier for me to go to the store and buy some cookies or fruit snacks and call it a day. Well that is changing now. Mike and I talked about it this afternoon and we both miss the days of just having good healthy food in our house. I mean I always buy the wheat bread, lite mayo, cream cheese, or sour cream, and not a huge amount of pastas for dinner and that kind of stuff, but Sydney is now getting use to the chips and cookies that we use to never have in the house and she is such a good fruit and veggie eater anyways that I would so rather her eat that then the junk.

So when we get home from our little vacation I will be making better choices for the snacks that we have in the house and make a lot more trips to the farmers market. I am actually really excited about this and really have missed all the yummy fruits and veggies we use to have :)

On March 22 my little man turned 9 months old...let me say that again 9 months old. Are you serious? I can not believe that 9 months ago I just wanted the little man out! He is such a happy boy and I love him so much. It is weird sometimes, he acts so much like a little baby and yet at the same time he is HUGE. I mean when you are holding him he is so much like a baby...he does not grab on like a monkey, and you have to support him but then when you lay him on the floor he is so big its kinda scary :) Anyways, he makes me laugh all the time and I love him. April 27th he is getting tubes in his ears and we have to be there so freakin early...I believe 6:30am so that means we need to leave here by 5:50am so I will have to get by by 5:15am! But for right now I am just praying that he stays healthy because he is on steroids and I just really do not want him catching anything because he is going to have a really hard time fighting it.

Much Love!