I'm still alive :)

Sorry it has been a really LONG time since I have done a post and quite a bit has been going on in the Marinello household.

1. Seth finally got a feeding specialist!
2. Seth had tubes put in his tiny little ears.
3. We are starting to get Seth off his prednisone.
4. My little boy will be 11 months in 2 weeks...holy cow it has gone by so fast.
5. Swimming lessons start for Sydney next week!
6. Sydney had her 3yr check up and is in the 90% for height and 85%  for height
7. Mike started playing softball on Friday nights with Matt
8. Palm Spring Vacation is booked and I am so ready to go and hang out at the pool.
9. CMV D-Backs game June 13
10. I'm pregnant and due December 7.

I will fill you in later when I have sometime to sit down and write and upload some pictures :)