It has been a long time...

Oh wow it has been a while since I have done an update on Seth.

He started steroids to help with his infantile spasms and it helped for a little bit but then they came back. He is still on them but they are being maintained. If we were just to take him off the steroids he would start having a LOT more. There is another medicine that we can try to see if it will stop them but it could do damage to the eyes and we are not sure we want to cause any more eye damage.

He is starting to hold onto toys which is such a good thing. It has taken us a really long time of trying to find that one toy that he would play with and then one day he just started playing with them. He has certain toys that he would love to play with more and his favorite is a ball with holes in it that he can grab and shake.

In PT they are working on getting Seth to be able to sit up and also stand. He is doing so good in the standing area the sitting is a little harder for him. He does not sit on his butt he actually sits more on his tailbone which does not help in the sitting department. Donny his OT is actually going to be coming 2x a week and working on some feeding with Seth as well which should be very helpful.

We had Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind come out to the house and they did an evaluation on him and they said he does not use his vision enough to be called sighted. He does track bright colors, lights, and things that shine. They did say that the good thing about CVI is that it wont get worse and it can get better. The next day Seth had an eye appointment and the Dr said the same thing as ASDB. They will not see him again for another year unless I feel that things are getting worse or that something else might be wrong.

I can not believe that in 20 days my little muffin is going to be ONE! This years has been so crazy and yet at the same time gone by so very fast.