Last year June was one of the worst months EVER. I do not even think I could explain how horrible it was but I am praying that this June will be so much better. The only amazing thing that came out of last June was our precious little muffin boy Seth, but only 18 hours later all hell broke loose again. 

I just want this month to be somewhat normal. I am not sure if June will ever be normal but maybe we will just get use to it each year. 

June has now become National CMV awareness month and on the 13th we are going to a Diamond Backs game where there will be other families there that have kids that have been affected with cCMV. It should be nice having a day with family and close friends and meeting other people that have gone through or are going through some of the same things that I am going through.

June 22 my little muffin with be ONE. I cant believe he is going to be one. This past year has been so crazy, especially with Seth and all of the medical things that we have gone through but at the same time it has gone by so very fast. We have had our UP moments and we have definitely had our DOWN moments but I would not trade him for anything. He is such an amazing little happy boy and he makes anyone who sees him smile. I am just still in shock that in 20 days Seth will be one.