Pray for Seth!

If you get a chance and think about Seth could you please be praying for him. He has been having a lot more infantile spasms and they are causing a blue ring around his mouth. The doctor last night said that if it gets worse we will have to take him into the ER but for right now just watch him. What is happening is when he is having the seizure all the blood is freaking out and rushing to his heart and not going elsewhere. Earlier yesterday I had called the neurologist before the whole blue mouth issue and we have to give him strong doses of prednisone for the next three days and see if that helps. He also started his new medicine last week and got one pill each night and starting last night he got 2 pills each night. Right now another issue is that he is not keeping anything down and have diarrhea. I am not as worried about the the stomach issues as I am with the blue ring around his mouth. But if you have a chance to pray for him that would be amazing!