Seth John Asher turns ONE!

I can not believe that my little muffin is already ONE. 

Your labor was quite easy until the last hour but I will not share the story again but if you would like to read it its here. Since he has been born we have had many mixed emotions and feelings. I have felt every emotion in the book since he has been born and yet he can always make me smile. Medically we have been through so much:
  • CMV diagnosis
  • CVI diagnosis
  • Seizures and many different meds
  • 8 UTI's
  • Two surgeries (tubes and kidney reflux)
  • Lots of lab work
But he has come so far in a little time. In January 2010 when we got our PT and OT Seth was at a developmental age of 2 months and now 5 months later he is at a 6 month age but he also still does somethings at a 4 month age because of his vision. So we are really trying to work past that and try to get him to grab toys or at least search for them even if he does not see it.

With everything that this little muffin has been through he is such a HAPPY boy! He amazes me at his attitude through things and how he can always be happy. I remember the day of his circ and reflux surgery and all he wanted to do after was eat and then he was fine. He did not even cry...Lisa and I were able to go and get lunch after and he just hung out with us and was so happy.

Seth will always find a way to make me smile. He gets me every time with his frustrated facial expressions, his big smile with his two top chompers, his pissed off cry, they way he plays with his toys, and the way Lisa tries to get him to look at her with a black and white mask!

Here are a few pictures of his wonderful year so far...

9 pounds 1 ounce

In the NICU (4 days old)

2 months old

4 months old

6 months old

8 months old

10 months old

And here is the ONE year old.

Happy Birthday sweet little boy, We love you so much and can not wait to see what next year holds for you!