Birthday Pics and Update!

So I have not up dated any of Seth's First Birthday pictures onto his blog so I am going to post those right now :) Here are just a few from his party.

Such a Happy Boy!

Lisa made him a monster cake it was so cute!

And oh so yummy!

Mike having some fun.

Sydney and Lorelai

Birthday Boy was so very tired!

He did so good for staying up way past his bedtime and he had fun being held by many different people. 

So on the update side for Seth:
  • He finally got approved for state insurance I am not sure if I posted that before but if I haven't now you know :) So that has been a huge answer to prayer and a huge load off my shoulders. 

  • We go back into the neurologist when he gets back from his family thing that he had to attend and in the meantime we are getting him in with a natural doc and we also got him in with an allergist. So far since we have been there we found out that he is allergic to dairy and corn and sensitive to sugar and a few other things that I do not remember. I have to take him back to finish the testing and see if there is anything else that he is allergic to.

  • We finally got Seth to have 2 hours of occupation therapy and then our therapist leaves so now we are waiting for the state to get us one. I am going to have to find one if I do not hear anything from them. I also need to get another feeding specialist because the one that he has right now has not shown up for a month so I have no idea what is going on there. I just emailed him coordinator and asked her for a new specialist because this is getting old and we really are getting behind on his eating.
With in the next month I have quite a few appointments for Seth and then we as a family or going to Palm Springs with the MacCallum's. It is going to be so nice to get away and be at the pool all day long and have a blast.