Getting Things Done.

This week Seth only has one therapy appointment and it is today so I really have to get on the ball and get things together because next week we are back to our normal stuff. I have been slacking on the cleaning and school work with Sydney. But today it is all going to change!

  • This morning I vacuumed the house and the couches, organized the toy room which will be a mess in a few hours because of a little 3 year old, cleaned the kitchen and when Seth wakes up I will put his laundry away along with Sydney's.

  • This Thursday Sydney has her first tumbling class with her closest friends and I hope that she has a blast. I think she will be very good at it if she actually listens and doesn't throw her typical attitude.

  • I am planning a baby shower for my bestest girl in August and I am just waiting for the invites to come in the mail so that I can start getting on the ball with that stuff. I still have quite a few things that I have to buy for the shower but I have to wait for a few things to come in the mail so that I can color coordinate the rest of it. I have never planned a baby shower except for Dani's and I had tons of help for that one and the help came from I hope that everything turns out great. 

  • Friday we have our big ultrasound at 9:30am so if you could be praying that everything is okay and that everything is functioning the way it should that would be amazing!