It's a...


Mike and I are so blessed to have such a perfect and healthy little baby. I have been praying the whole time to have a healthy baby and so far that is exactly what we have. We are not done yet just about half way there and I just want one more ultrasound for my piece of mind especially since Seth's 22 week ultrasound was just perfect.

Anyways...I love little boys and I especially love boy clothing and I think I might be the only one :) Don't get me wrong I love my little girls but I really love boys :) In the back of my head I knew I was having a girl but I just kept telling myself it was a boy and in the end it really didn't matter as long as it was healthy :) And in the end it was a girl and I am so okay with it.

At first I thought that we were not going to be able to find out what we were having because the little muffin was not going to let us. So Mike and I got prepared to not find out but then the ultrasound tech said that the baby is moving and then all of a sudden I saw right between the legs and knew right away that it was a little girl. I was having a few contractions during the ultrasound so she had to leave and come back a few minutes later so that the tech could get the exact measurements so it took a lot longer than any of my other ultrasounds ever have. But everything looks great and we are just going to keep an eye on our little muffin.

I will post pictures up tomorrow :)