The stomach virus is finally GONE!

It has been a crazy few weeks at the Marinello house hold. Seth got the stomach virus twice since his birthday and the last one was about a week long and it was starting to drive me crazy! I have seen enough vomit and diarrhea that I should not have to see any more for years.

Last week was not too good for Seth in the therapy side because we had to cancel them because he was sick. This week was his last one with Donny his OT and now we just have to wait until we get another one. Today we had PT and he actually did really well. He was sitting and leaned forward too much and was able to use his hands and push himself up which is amazing for him! He was laughing for the first 30 min which was so funny and he just loves him PT Brenda and she is so good with him.

Tomorrow we have his year check up and he should be getting some shots but I tend to split them up so that is what I will continue to do with him but now that I think about it he is actually not allowed to get the shots because he just started back on his steroids. He will be on the steroids for another week and then next week we go to the neurologist and talk about another med that should hopefully stop them completely.

Next Friday I have my 19 week ultrasound so if you think about it just pray that everything is going great with the little muffin and everything is growing and functioning the way it should. This pregnancy I have been worried in general just that everything will be okay with this little one. I can not explain it but its hard.