Birthday Man!


Michael Anthony Marinello is 28 years old. Holy Cow we got old fast :) I can not believe that I have spent 8 birthdays with him and 6 of them we have been married for! I hope that you have a great day and you get everything that you wanted. The kids and I are taking him out tonight to Joe's Crab Shack which is one of his favorite places but I really do not like fish or the smell for that matter so I only go when he really wants to go and I thought I would let him pick where he wanted to eat dinner for his birthday. I wish I had a baby picture that I could put up of him but they are all packed away since we moved into this house I only unpacked what we needed. So anyways, Happy Birthday to MICHAEL :)

Not a ton happening in the Marinello household which I think for us is a good thing. We leave next Saturday for Palm Springs for a week and I am so excited to just hang out and spend some time with friends and be at the pool all week...although I am not too excited about being in a bathing suit in front of people but I am going to have to get over that real quick.

I have been pretty consistent for the past two weeks and homeschooling Sydney and she actually really likes it and enjoys doing her worksheets and learning how to write her letters. Mike and I talked the other night about getting her into a preschool so I think we are going to send her two days a week and I will work with her the other days. She just needs a place to get some energy out and also learn cause I think she gets board really quickly and I also have to work with Seth so school might be a really good thing for her. I am going to call the school this morning and see what is available.

Seth finally got an OT and she will be coming every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am. His OT works really well with sensory issues which is really good for Seth so I think she will really help out. Today I have his support coordinator coming out to go over his IFSP which is just basically goals and renewing his therapies.

In 2006 I started taking classes for medical transcription and I ended up getting an extension about 6 months before Seth was born. But since June of 2009 I have done no school at all and I haven't really had the time for it. But I decided that I really wanted to finish it so I re-enrolled which they were really nice about it and I only have to pay for the new classes that I have to take not the whole course. So I am waiting for it to ship out to me so I can get going before our little girl is here. I don't think I will be able to finish before she comes because we go on vacation next week and then we have Seth's surgery when we get back...a baby shower :) Sydney's birthday, Thanksgiving, and then here comes baby number 3. But I am really glad that I am getting on the ball with this because I really want to finish it.