This past weekend a friend of mine that I met while in high school through EVBC was involved in a car accident. (story here) She was hit by a semi from behind and she lost her two little babies in the accident. Liliana was 13 months and Gabriel was 3 weeks old. Sonja one of her closest friends has been giving me updates when she can. Jen will physically be fine, a few broken ribs, stitches, and staples in her head. No brain injury or internal injuries.

I can not imagine the road that Jen has in front of her and I also have a hard time understanding when things like this happen. I know that God had a reason. I know the truth and I faith in Jesus but yet at the same time I can not help but ask why? Why did you take those little precious kids and leave her here? I know that God has a reason and we may never understand it but He does and I just have to have faith.

Please pray for her if you get a chance. Pray that she is filled with an overwhelming sense of peace. I know that there will be lots of dark days but pray that she runs to Him. The funeral for the babies is tomorrow at 4pm. I can not imagine losing one baby but to lose both is just so heart wrenching!

Love you Jen!