So not fun!

A week from tomorrow we go to Phoenix Children's Hospital so that Seth can have surgery. It will be a 4 or 5 hour surgery and that scares me. That is just a long time for my little guy to be under...the longest he has been under has been maybe 45 minutes. He surgery starts at 7:30am so Mike is going to take off of work and we will be at the hospital together and then late that afternoon or evening he will pick up Sydney from Lisa's (Lisa is letting Sydney stay with her Sunday over night so we do not have to take her over there at 5:30am) and have her for the night. Tuesday and Wednesday Mike will just come by the hospital when he can in between work and having Sydney.

I hate seeing my little boy in pain so I am praying that they can control his pain and I am praying that because he does not walk too much that he actually wont be in a ton of pain. But you also hear all the time that getting up and moving is always the best thing after surgery.

So last week we got home from a wonderful vacation in Palm Springs and I posted lots of pictures on our family blog here but I will post a few of the little muffin here for his blog :)

All ready to go to the pool.

First day at the pool he got so tired and slept on the chair for an hour

Playing in his boat.

The last day Mike took Seth down the slide and as you can tell by his face he LOVED it!

Here he comes

The last time with daddy

He is so tired...the slide wore him out

His big sister the "fish"

So if you think about it pray for my nerves and Mikes as our little guy has surgery next week, that everything goes great during and after the surgery, and that we do not have to stay at the hospital longer than Wednesday.