There is always something.

This past week has been a little crazy. Seth had a fever over the weekend so I decided to take him to the Docs Tuesday and sure enough he has an infection....a GUM INFECTION! I have never heard of a little kid getting a gum infection unless they never brush their teeth and I brush Seth's teeth every day so I was a little confused. I guess it is a bacteria strain from strep but in the gums. It is on the top gums in the front. You just have to touch them and they start bleeding...poor guy. So needless to say he is on another round of antibiotics for 10 days, I hate giving this little muffin medicine, it breaks my heart.

On Monday Mike and I were talking about Sydney and getting her into a program to get her out of the house and for her to do something that Seth doesn't do. She has a really hard time when therapists come over and she can not be a part of it so we decided we would send her to preschool 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) from 2-4. She cries when we drop her off but when we pick her up she is all smiles. I think this will be good for her and at the same time I was not wanting to send her to school. I had really gotten things going at home on the homeschool side and we were doing it every day. She was even asking to do some school work on the weekend. We are still planning to homeschool. I work with her M W and F...and when it is time to go into kindergarten we will hopefully do homeschool as long as the schedule works out with everything that Seth has going on.

Here are a few pictures on her first day of school before we left the house. If you notice in every picture her best friend is in the background just hanging out :)

Seth in occupational therapy on Thursday Seth put his little legs under his body and got onto his forearms and started to rock. This is huge for him because he has never put any weight onto any part of his arms. So I was so excited for the little muffin. 

So in the next few months we have a lot going on...

 -Vacation (much needed)
 -Moms Birthday
 -Seth has surgery 4th-6th
 -Baby shower
 -Dads Birthday
 -Lisa has her baby hopefully :)
 -Sydney's 4th Birthday
 -Lorelai and Lisa's Birthday
 -7th BABY due