So lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed especially with all of Seth's therapies. He now has 4 sessions a week (2 OT-1 PT- 1 Feeding ) and they want to add one more of PT which I think he really needs but can I really add in another one? I cant seem to keep everything straight and it is driving me insane. I didn't even know that yesterday was picture day for Sydney and even though she looked cute for school it was not something that I would have sent her in for pictures. So after I took Sydney to school I headed up to Barns and Noble to pick up the book "Out of Sync child" that many of his therapists have told me to read and then I saw the best thing EVER, well for me at least. It is a Moleskin planner, but instead on one there are 12 different colored, pocket sized planners-one for each month. I fell in love instantly and had to buy them. The only disappointing thing was that it doesn't start till 2011. So I am praying that this helps me out just a little bit. I can keep it in my purse or pull it out and it is not huge. I have tried using my phone and sometimes I will put things in it and other times I use a planner so no wonder I get confused...ITS GOTTA STOP :)

So as of today I am 30 weeks and 3 days and I am so ready to have this baby girl and yet I still have about 2 months left. In about a month we will start the house hunting process and I am praying that it works out great and that we find the house that will fit us all perfectly. I would love a 5 bedroom but that is hard to find in a one story and I would rather have a one story because we really have no idea how Seth will develop and if he will have a hard time walking and stuff like that. I am in LOVE with the Power Ranch area but it is really hard to find a house in our price range and big enough but I love the whole development, but I might have to get my mind out of that :)

So here is another thing that I have to get on top of...before Sydney was born I got a journal and Mike and I started writing in it to her I wanted to do this as much as possible and when she is 18 give them all to her. Well I went to get Seth's and noticed that I have not written in it since he was born. I mean I have his delivery but everything after NOTHING. So I am going to have to go to start printing off things from this blog and his own blog and glue them in there :) And I need to start on the little muffins as well.

Anyways thats all I got for today and Sydney is being her high energy self and I have got to get her something to drink before she melts down :)