So Monday morning we headed out at 6:30am to get to Phoenix Children's Hospital for Seth's surgery. We waited for about 20 minutes until they called us back to prep. We got Seth checked out and put him in his little hospital gown which by the way purple is not quite boyish but he still looked cute in it. We had to wait in the room for about an hour and all Seth wanted to do was eat because the last time he ate was 7:30pm on Sunday night and I tried to wake him up at 1am to get some food in him but he just really didn't want it then so needless to say at 8:45am he really wanted food. I finally got him to take a little nap and I think about 9:15am they told us he was ready to go. We walked him to the surgery room where the nurse took him from us. He was so happy at that moment that I wasn't too worried. It was the waiting that was hard! Mike and I went down and got some breakfast and then just hung out in the waiting room. The Doctor came and got us at 1:15 and told us he was out and in recovery and that everything went great. They did NOT have to put the stint in which is great because that means no other surgery. At 1:40pm we got to go back and see him and he was having some breathing issues which kept us down in recovery a little bit longer. He looked so pale and sad but once he was held he was okay. I think we got to our room around 3pm.

Okay so I understand the PCH is the best hospital and I can not wait until the new building is done because those rooms are ridiculous! First off the kids have to share rooms and once you pull the curtain the room is the size of a closet. If you have a crib in the room it is huge which leaves you with like 3 inches to walk around and you cant see the TV because the crib is in the way. So once Seth finally started to come back into the world he was in a lot of pain especially every time he would pee. So they got him morphine every 2 hours and he could not have the tylenol with codeine until he ate something. They also had him on anti spasm meds because his bladder will spasms because of the surgery and it is really painful. At about 5:00pm Seth got a room mate who was a boy at about 13 years old. Come on...lets put a teenager with a baby who is in pain and crying. I felt so bad for the boy because after 6:30pm Seth was just uncomfortable and in pain and would not eat so this boy had to listen to Seth cry while trying to watch Sponge Bob.

That night (Monday) was rough. I think I maybe got 2-3 hours of sleep. Seth wanted to be held but at the same time didn't want anyone to touch him. At 11:45pm I had to give him his spasm medicine, typically I give him his night time medicine while he is taking a bath because he is so happy in the tub and he wont cry when I put it in his mouth. If I don't do it in the bathtub he likes to hold it in his mouth and when you think he has swallowed it he turns and spits it out or chokes on it cause it has been in his mouth forever. Well Monday night was different he just screamed when you tried to put anything in his mouth and then he would choke on it because it would go down the wrong way or whatever. It was a PAIN and I felt so bad for him I just didn't want to give it to him but knew that he would feel better if I did. Trying to explain to a 15 month old who is in pain that if they take the horrible medicine they will actually feel better it hard to do but even harder to do with Seth. Also at this point Seth still would not eat so he was just getting morphine and couldn't have Tylenol w/codeine and I was going insane because there was nothing that I could do for the poor guy. If anyone knows Seth they know that he is one of the most stubborn kids (Honestly both my kids are horribly stubborn.) and if he does not want to eat he is not going to eat, the night nurse just did not get this and kept telling me that I needed to get him to eat. I just ignored her every time she came in and said I tried but he didn't want it. She kept bringing in fresh bottles every 3 hours and even if I was going to try I would need warm water because Seth WILL not drink a cold bottle so then if I did want to try and feed him I would have to ask for some warm water to get the bottle warm. It was literally a pain. By 5:45am I gave up on trying to get some sleep and that was a good idea because Seth was up at 6 anyways. Around 8:00am the doctor came and made his rounds. Seth at this point still did not eat a thing and the doctor said it was because he was on fluids so he was going to take him off it and in a few hours he should want to eat a few ounces. I also thought that Seth was having a lot of seizures and they were getting worse than they ever have been because his whole body was shaking and not like his typically startle. I was wrong they were not seizures they were actually his bladder having spasms. That made me feel a little bit better but it is still horrible to watch him have the spasms then try and pee and all that comes out is blood. The Doctor also took out his catheder which he said should help with the spasms and he said that if Seth starts eating we could go home. About 4 hours later Seth decided that it was time to eat and he ate about 4 ounces and he did that one other time on Tuesday!

Since the hospital Seth has still not been back to normal. Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday nights were the hardest. Tuesday I think he was up at 1:30am until about 6 just crying and not comfortable. And he did the same thing Wednesday and Thursday nights. Friday and Saturday night he went to bed at his normal time but woke up at about 2 and didn't want to eat but giving him his meds made him more unhappy so eventually he fell back asleep but he is just not comfortable at night.

I want to thank Lisa and my mom for watching Sydney for us while we went through all of this with Seth. Also Rachel, thanks so much for coming all the way out to PCH and giving us such a wonderful bag of goodies :) It was so needed and it is such a blessing to have people in your life that know what you are going through and care so much to come all that way just to drop off a bag of stuff for my little muffin and for us as well. So thanks again for everyone who helped out so that I could stay with Seth at the hospital!

Sleeping before his surgery...He did so good for not having anything to eat since 7pm the night before.

Hanging out before the surgery in his purple gown.

Getting some snuggle time with Daddy

After his surgery drugged up on morphine

Tuesday morning still not eating anything but acting a little bit better for not sleeping more than 3 hours at a time.

Here is the stud muffin a few days after we got home from the hospital.

He is such a stud muffin and an amazing little boy. He is so strong for only being 16 months old and he has been through so much. He makes my heart melt and I love him so very much!!!