Halloween and Baby Connery

First I am going to start with Halloween. Sydney had her school Halloween party the Friday before Halloween and this was actually the ONLY day she went to school the whole month of Oct. We had a crazy month. Seth had surgery Oct 4th so that week she did not make it to school. The following week she got the stomach flu and then the following week she got a strep rash so we kept her home for one day which was Tuesday so Thursday I go and take her to school and my car battery is DEAD so once again no school for her cause I could not get anywhere. So anyways she went for the last day of the month and then we decided that we are going to wait until we move and find a school close by that will hopefully not interrupt with Seth's therapy. She wanted to be a unicorn for Halloween this year and I tried everything to get her to change it but can I just say that my daughter is incredibly stubborn. Here are a few pictures from her school party:

On Sunday Halloween we were suppose to go over to the MacCallums and have some Halloween fun like we did last year but Seth decided he would wake up with a cold and it was pretty nasty and I did not want to get Lisa sick or the kids sick so close to when baby Connery was due. So we just stayed home and went trick or treating in the neighborhood and let me just say our neighborhood was DEAD. Here are a few pictures before we headed out and she was only out for 30 minutes and was ready to come home. She kept telling us that her basket was full even though it barely had candy in it. I tried to get her to stay out longer but she really wanted to come home so that is exactly what we did. 

So Lisa finally had her BABY! I got to be there which was an amazing experience and of course Connery is a gorgeous baby GIRL! Connery Mae MacCallum was born on November 2nd at 4:38pm and she weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces. She has the most adorable head of hair!

For some reason I did not get the scale at the right amount I am not sure what happened.

What a doll!

Love the hair!

Thanks so much for Lisa for having me there and what a beautiful perfect little girl she is!