Ember Noelle Marinello

We went into the hospital Tuesday night at 9:00pm for an induction mainly because we wanted to make sure we would make it to the hospital. I have such irregular contractions and once my body is ready to go it just goes and we really learned that this time. From 9pm-2am I was just on antibiotics because I was group B positive and they would not start the pit until I had two full doses of penicillin and then I would continue to get It every 3 hours until delivery. Around 2am they started the pit and The nurse just checked me once around 5am and I still had not progressed at all I was still 4cm. We got a new nurse at 6am and she was amazing! She came in at 7 and checked me and again I was still just 4cm and within 30 minutes my doctor came in and decided to break my water hoping that would speed things along. At about 8:30 when I was still just a 4 I decided to just go ahead and get the epidural and save myself the pain and what I thought was going to be a long labor. At about 10:03am the baby started showing signs of distress and heart rate going in the low 70 and 80's so I was moved back and forth from side to side and then checked and only a 5! At this point I was frustrated and a little worried because we had cord issues with Sydney and it was so similar to Sydney's birth. They gave me some oxygen and had me keep switching sides to get her heart rate up. The nurse left the room and all of a sudden I got so tired and wanted to sleep but Mike wanted to talk about something and I honestly do not remember what it was we were talking about but I remember mike standing up and I asked him to hand me the computer when all of a sudden I needed to push. I told him to go and get the nurse and in she came. She checked me at 10:31am and I was 10cm and the baby was ready to come out. She ran out and called Dr Seymann and said that he should be here in 10 minutes. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to wait...the epidural was so good in that I could not feel pain could move my feet but completely felt the urge to push. I was trying so hard not to and the nurse did not want to deliver her either so she made me keep my legs closed which I though was the funniest thing. When Dr. seymann got in the room they could not find a heart beat at all so I was moved back on my side but still nothing so he put my legs up and said push with the next contraction. I pushed once and they made me stop. Her cord was around her neck and we were told if this happens then Mike couldn't cut the cord but as soon as Dr Seymann got it off she started crying and I didn't even have to push again he just pulled her out. Because she was crying and looking good Mike was able to cut the cord.

Ember Noelle Marinello
12-1-10 @ 10:58am
7 pounds 13 ounces
20.5 inches

She is completely perfect and absolutely gorgeous and by far my smallest baby. I actually need to have newborn diapers and clothes! She passed her hearing test and has no enlarged liver or spleen so they decided that she was in the clear and no need to test for cCMV which is fine with me for right now. If something comes up and I get worried her pediatrician said he would test her. We had to stay an extra day because she was jaundice and majority of the reason was because of my blood type and hers being different. 

We got to come home Dec 3rd at night as long as the following morning I would take her in to get her billi levels checked again and of course we said we would. She had a great night slept amazing and also slept a little too well on Saturday. I took her to get her blood work done and then just hung out at home. I had to wake her to eat and she would go right back to sleep. About 4:30pm we got a call from the pediatrician that we needed to take her back to the hospital NICU and get her under the lights because her levels were at a 15. So I was a wreck I did not want to take her back into the hospital and deal with the NICU again but in my head it is just jaundice she will be fine. I got to the hospital around 6:30pm and they got her all hooked up to the lights and within 15 minutes all hell broke lose and she was having breathing issues. They gave her about 10 minutes to see if she would come out of it but she didn't so they decided to get her on some oxygen-antibiotics-check her urine-and check for cCMV or any other infections. By this time dear Rachel made her way to the hospital and hung out for a while with me. She got to take a tour of the NICU because it is where she will be in a few weeks and we just talked and also talked a lot to the doctors. Ember ended up being on oxygen until Monday morning and I thought I was going to be able to take her home Tuesday but they wanted her to remain off oxygen for at least 48 hours before letting her leave and I tried to fight it but gave in a bit my tongue cause there was no way they were going to release her. 

Under the lights with oxygen

 Little Peanut

Where they blew out her vein

After she got off oxygen and able to be held

Wednesday morning a week after she was born I was finally able to take her home for good. I did not get out of the hospital until 1pm and she was able to get her picture taken with Santa before we left. (I guess every Dec they have a santa come to the NICU and take pictures with all the babies) They turned out really cute. 

 The scanner did not do a good job the actual picture is so much better...and this guy really looked like Santa he was amazing and super nice!

Coming HOME!

It was so nice to be able to bring her home and start to enjoy our family of 5. We went into the doctor that friday the 10th and just had a check up and then wanted to see her again when she is two weeks. So we went back to the doctor on the 16th and she was still YELLOW so he had us go on Friday to get her blood work done again. (I took all 3 kids with me for the first time and that alone is another blog post) Her levels came back at 11.9 so Dr. Jones told me to giver her as much formula as I could because the breast milk was actually holding in the jaundice and so we did and by Monday she no longer looked yellow and he said I do not need to get her blood checked again unless she starts to look yellow again.

Things have been quite crazy since she was born but Sydney is in love with her and Seth he is just a happy boy so I can't complain :) We had a great Christmas Party for Mike's work at the zoo and my parents kept the two little ones and we had some fun with Sydney. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I do not even feel ready for Christmas but its coming FAST!