The kiddos.

Its been a while since I have uploaded some pictures from my camera onto my computer so I decided I would put some on the blog. These are from February and March, enjoy :)

She is the craziest girl I know but man I love her!

Ember trying out the bumbo

Sydney LOVES her sister!

Trying to sit in the bumbo and well she was actually able to get her little bottom in there.

First time with pneumonia (Feb 27th) he was able to keep his o2 stats up so we did not have to get admitted he was able to just come home after some IV antibiotics.

He decided he wanted the play-mat on top of him and he had so much fun doing it!

She is so funny! Only Sydney would walk around the house in just her undies and a helmet!

Sweet girl

We got Sydney some money jars and let her paint them and we have decided that we would start giving her a chance to earn some money and start understanding how it works. So we have decided that she will get 4 dollars every time we get paid and she will keep 2 dollars and 1 dollar will go into savings and 1 dollar with go into giving. Once she builds up enough we will open her up a savings account. She had so much fun painting them and she wanted me to paint one of them so I did but I was really proud of myself in that I did not help her at ALL with the two that she painted!

Ember Noelle @ almost 4 months 
(April 1st she will be 4 months) time sure goes by fast!

How can you not fall in love with this face???

She sure knows how to make us smile!

Out of all her toys on her "fun land" she wanted to play with the cup holders the most. 

Sweet muffin Seth at 21 months (on my gosh he is almost 2 years old)