The What and The Why

This is a fund raising blog, for the most part. We covet your prayers for Seth above all other things, but we do hope you will be able to help us in some other way as well! We are currently working on some fund raising events that we will keep you posted on - and you can also donate any time by clicking the "donate" button at the side of this page. All donations are tax deductible through The Ortiz Family Foundation.

What are we raising funds for? Three things that are immediate needs for Seth.

First, a service dog. We arent one hundred percent certain of exactly what kind of service dog will fit Seth's needs, that's something that will have to be decided with the help of the company that trains these dogs for service. The dogs cost $22,000 to train, and the families must raise at least $13,000 on their own. Then, we must fly to the facility to be trained ourselves for two weeks, which is an added cost. Service dogs also cost around $1000-2000 to maintain yearly.

Second, a vestibular rocking chair. Seth's brain needs vestibular input. A way to get vestibular input is to swing, rock, jump, spin, etc. Seth has always loved to be what we call "manhandled" - tossed around, rocked. When you are holding him he would be quite content to throw or rock himself backwards all day long! If we could buy him a vestibular rocking chair, he could rock on his own at the appropriate times and in a more socially acceptable way. If he is able to get enough vestibular input from a rocking chair, our hope is that it would allow him to focus on other developmental skills when necessary rather than trying to rock all the time. This chair costs around $2000, plus shipping.

(To understand better what the vestibular system is and what a person with sensory issues tend to do and need, please check out this page).

Third, a bed. Not just any bed, but a very special bed for a very special boy. Two major issues that keep Seth from being safe as he sleeps are his seizures and his lack of ability to see. He has a tendency to bang his head and injure himself when he wakes up and is playing in his crib. He has also had seizures in the night that have caused him to whack himself pretty hard, and as he grows & becomes stronger, the injuries will become worse. The Courtney Bed is a great solution to these problems. It is padded and completely enclosed in mesh, so that a person cannot fall out of it or wander during the night. This bed is expensive. It costs $5,500 without any help from insurance - insurance will not cover this bed in certain states, and most likely, ours is one of them. However, the creator/seller of this bed is willing to lower the cost of $4000 if insurance doesnt cover any part of it & we are able to raise that much on our own.

Seth's needs are great....but we know that God is greater! If you feel led to donate - every dollar helps and we appreciate it more than you could know! Please continue to pray for our sweet little guy....more updates to come in the (very) near future!