Help...and Intro

Hey y'all. We thought it was time for a little name is Lisa, and I do the writing for the Funds For Seth blog. Seth's mom, Melissa, is my best friend and for all intents and purposes, my sister. I've been there since the day Seth was born - the second, to be more accurate - and have watched this family go through all of the peaks & valleys of CMV. Seth is a precious, beautiful gift to me and my family & Im so thankful that I have the opportunity to help him & his family by telling his story and helping to organize and keep track of the every day goings on of Funds For Seth!

That said....

We very much need your help. Recently, Seth has started to be able to bear weight on his hands, ie. a crawling position. This is fantastic as prior to this, he could only hold himself up on his elbows/forearms! However, this has also posed a bit of a threat to his safety when in his bed at night. He now attempts to launch himself forward - and this boy is strong. Two weeks ago he gave himself a black eye when he hit his face on the bed rails. He is also quite tall and only going to get taller, so one day he will most likely launch himself right out of the bed! This is all compounded by the fact that he cannot see, so he has no idea where he is going - he only know this is a fun thing to do and he enjoys the self-propelled flying forward.  So, priorities have changed and the Courtney Bed is now in the top position.

Insurance will not cover the bed. If we are raising the funds on our own, the maker of the bed will do it for $4000 plus $195 shipping & handling. We are so blessed to have the $2000 half-payment required for production of the bed to begin, which was sent to CYR Designs on Monday.  We have an additional $1000 in the bank and about 8 weeks to raise another $1000. So...we are asking for your help. I know so many of you have donated already, whether via The Ortiz Family Foundation or by standing in line & purchasing ice cream at a ColdStone fundraiser. If you have the ability, Im asking that you would consider donating yet again, so that we can get Seth his bed...his parents need the peace of mind as they sleep at night, and Seth needs to be safe & secure - and NO MORE BLACK EYES!

Please consider making a tax -deductible donation through The Ortiz Family Foundation - just click the paypal button in the top left corner of this page. As always and most of all, we covet your continued prayers for sweet Seth!

Thank you.