Seth turns 2!

So Seth had his second birthday and it just so happened that it was also the same day as his Cold Stone fundraiser so why not have a fun day at Cold Stone!

Lisa and I met up at Cold Stone and then quite of people came around lunch time and got to see Seth and have lots of ice-cream. Lisa and the kids got him a little button for his shirt, a piano which he loves and also a thing that makes a weird noise...I have no idea what it is called :) We had a great time there and of course I was the one that left my camera at home on his birthday but Lisa did get a few pictures but he was quite a pill that day so here are a few that I stole from her FB page :)

The only way he was happy...hanging upside down

Drew with Em

 See not happy! (he did have surgery 6 days before maybe thats part of it)

OH Goodness!

Seth we LOVE you so much and we are so blessed to have you as our son. You are an amazing little boy who surprises us every day. You have been through so much in your 2 years of life yet you are so very strong! You can light up a room with your great big smile and your laugh is so precious and you can not help but smile. You might be one of the silliest, most stubborn, craziest little boy I know. I love you with everything that I have and can not wait to see what God has in store for you!