Okay so can we say I am a little behind on this blog, oh goodness! So this will be the first of many posts to come so keep your eyes open for new ones :)

Seth had his g-tube surgery on June 16th.

Wednesday night I took Sydney over to the MacCallum's because they were amazing and totally willing to keep her for the few nights. That night I decided to try and keep Seth up a little later because after 3am he could not have any pediasure so I think I got him to last until 9:30pm and he was ready for bed. I set my alarm for 3am to try and get Seth up and eat a little bit but of course he wanted nothing to do with it and went right back to bed. We woke up and got Emmy to my moms house by 8:00am so that we could give her any instructions and went on our way to Phoenix Children's. We got there at 9:30am so guess what we waited and waited for what seemed like forever. We finally got into a room and got him in his gown around 11am and then we waited some more. Let me remind you that Seth has not eaten anything since 9:30pm the night before and he was hungry. He was allowed to have clear liquids up until 8am and guess what SETH does not drink anything but his pediasure but man I had to try and he refused. So around 12:45pm the nurse came in again and said that the surgeon had to go into an emergency heart surgery so when she is done she will come and do Seth. But let me tell you Seth was such a happy boy playing on the hospital bed and you know whats even better...........HE CRAWLED for the first time ever. I had to sneeze so as I was getting a kleenex Mike was yelling at me to look at Seth cause he crawled but I did not believe it at all, but then all of a sudden I caught a little glimpse of what he was talking about. So I told Mike that he had to have his phone on video and have it in the ready position. I got the little piano he was playing with earlier and started moving it away from him and he decided to get up on all fours and just decided to camp out there for a little bit and then all of a sudden he was off and he decided he was just going to crawl across the entire bed! It was so AMAZING! For a while I always had expectations for Seth and then I decided to always fight for him and try my best to not set high expectations that can not be met so that I will not get disappointed so that is what I did and you know what when he crawled it was so amazing because I never knew if he was going to be able to do it and he proved that HE can and he does it so well. Mike and I at that moment actually wanted to pack up our things and leave because we were afraid that after his surgery he was not going to start crawling again because it will be on his stomach. But since then he has done it a couple times. He does not do it all the time and not even every day but he can crawl and that is enough for me.

Okay back to the surgery. So finally about 1:45pm they took him back and every time he goes back you would think it would get easier but it never is. The surgery itself was about a half hour but it took more like an hour until we could go back and see him. He stayed sleeping for a while with oxygen and finally we got a room around 4:30pm. He was in quite a bit of pain and was on morphine right when we got in the room and went back to sleep. Around 8:00pm Seth got a roommate and can I just say NEVER put an older kid with a little one. I honestly do not get that at all. The surgery was done at the new hospital but he had to be at the old one for the stay and that means sharing a room. I can not wait until everything is at the new one and then we wont have to share rooms anymore. Anyways this boy was 15 years old with a really bad kidney infection and horrible headaches and then you have Seth crying during the night and I did not get much sleep I am thinking about 2 hours at the max. I had a night nurse that I could barely understand and she wanted to wake him up to change his diaper and I just wanted to smack her because why would you wake up a sleeping "baby" toddler to change the diaper, who just had surgery and needs to sleep not wake up? I told her no and we can change it when he wakes up. He woke up at about 3am and I was asked again to change his diaper which I did even though it was totally dry! We then got a talk from her and from what I understood he needs to have wet diapers or we were not going to be able to go home. Sure enough by 6:45am he had 3 very full diapers and she left me alone. Around 10am on Friday we had the dr come in and she told us that we would be able to go home if Seth could keep his normal feeding amounts down so we had to wait for the nutritionist to come in and talk to us and figure out what his feeding schedule was going to be. I know for a simple fact that I did not want to have feedings at night because he already knows how to sleep through the night and I really do not want him to be so different than other kids and eat at night and only a little bit during the day. If he was totally not gaining weight and actually losing weight than I would do night feedings but I just did not see the point as of right now and I was so glad that she agreed with me. And since he does take a bottle and about 8oz each time we did not have to get a pump. Everything is gravity which is really nice. So by this time it is about 1:45pm and He has not eaten for over 24 hours and they decided to try some food. So at about 2 we gave him 6oz of food and kept it down just fine!!!!!! YAY we were going to go home and then we both looked at each other and had no idea how to do any of this and we knew that we needed to be able to because whatever food he does not finish from the bottle goes straight into the tube and that mean in a few hours he was going to eat again and we had no idea what we were doing. So when the nurse released us we asked her to show us how and she did but apparently there were some other things that we needed to know that we found out 2 weeks later. So we got to go home...and after we got home I went and got Sydney for the wonderful MacCallums and my dad brought Emmy home for us. The first 3 nights were pretty rough cause all he wants to do is sleep on his belly and it really hurt him to do so. But can I say he slept a lot and I loved it. I think the first three mornings home he did not wake up until 10am and Mike and I were able to sleep in until about 8:30am which was AMAZING! The next few days took a while to get use to and you always realize when you do something wrong because you will either have food or medicine all over you! I think I have done that about twice already! Giving him is medicine is about a million times better...what use to take us about 30-45min to give meds now takes us about 2 minutes so that is a major blessing and benefit to having the g-tube! Thank you all who were praying for Seth and those that continue to do so we are so blessed to have prayers going for our special little boy.

In recovery a little longer than planned cause he needed a little help breathing

What is stomach looks like now...thats his new little friend.

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