In April of 2010 Seth got his first set of tubes in his ears and it was because fluid would just sit by his eardrums, not because he had constant ear infections and actually thinking about it he never had any up to that point. So he got the tubes put in his ears and then all of a sudden he gets them at least once a month and it is insane. Always draining and typically clear or a little yellow. Sometimes he gets them really bad and they are gunky and those for sure I know have been infections but today when I took him to get them checked out and once again they say just keep putting drops in them. But when I was leaving I got this thought that what if it is CSF and the more I think about it and the more I looked it up the more worried I got. When you leak CSF and then get tubes in your ears it is a direct channel to leak out and then cause infection and it can also cause infection in the brain. It would explain a lot of this if this is what it really is. I called and left a message with our neurologist and really would like to get him in next week to get it checked out. If Seth could tell me that his head hurts, or he is dizzy or any of that stuff this would be a lot easier. He is such a good natured little boy so when he is crabby and being a butt more often than not it makes me think that something is weird. If you could please pray that it is not CSF and that he just has a ton of infections that would make me feel so much better. Thanks so much.