Birthdays/Palm Springs

My birthday is August 29th and Mikes is four days later on September 2nd. This year we did not do much for our birthdays at all! Mike had a babysitter lined up for my birthday but it didn't work out so we just kind of laid low :) We both however ended up getting tattoos the weekend before which could count as our birthday gifts :) I honestly have been so bad with taking pictures that I'm not sure I even have a picture of our tattoos but I will post some soon. Mike got a graffiti style Mickey Mouse spray painting the word Disney and the artist did an amazing job! She could not get it done in one session because she only had a two hour slot so he got the outline done and then a week later went back for the color. I got two dandelions intertwined with each other and it's blowing in the wind and turning into 3 birds. Two black birds and one blue symbolizing the kiddos. It looks amazing and I'm so in love with it. Thank you Matt and Lisa for watching the kids for us so that we could go out and spend some time together!

August was a busy month! The 14th-21st we did our trip with the Finneys and MacCallums to Palm Springs and had a great time! Our days consisted of Lisa and I working out in the am-pool until lunch-lunch time-naps-dinner-game times-hangout-sleep-repeat! Thursday was street fair night which is always a fun time. We even had a bug incident this time which is way too hard for me to type out but it started with Lisa yelling at me to get it off and ended with Sydney, Lorelai, and Topher screaming and crying and me almost peeing my pants! We all had a great time and Sydney had so much fun she is still talking about it and we are in the middle of October! I have very few pictures because I forgot my camera at home but Mike did take some and well the rest I'm gonna have to steal from Lisa :) so when I can I will post some pictures!