September 29-October 2nd we got to get away and go to Disneyland. We decided we would take just Sydney and leave the little ones behind...as much as I didn't want to I'm really glad we did because it was so crowded and Seth would not have lasted very long at Disney. So my mom and dad kept Seth and our friend Jen kept Ember at our house. It was hard to leave both the little ones and I did have to fight back some tears but they were in good hands!

We left Thursday after Mike got done with his work golf tournament so we didn't get on the road until about 2:30pm. We got to Palm Springs about 7:40 and stopped at the Walmart in town and picked up a few things for the hotel room and got a bite to eat then continued to the hotel. We got to the hotel around 9pm and hung out in the room for a little bit then crashed for the night because we wanted to have a early start to the day. We stay at the Marriott Maingate and we love it...especially because we do not have to pay for breakfast! They provide a hot breakfast and it is amazing for being free. We stuff ourselves so that we can go as long as we can at Disney without eating a ton of expensive food. So Friday morning we got up ate breakfast and got to Disney about 15 min after it opened. We set out for Syd's favorite ride Nemo and waited like 5 min and then moved on to the rockets, Peter Pan and the carousel. By this time it was 10am and California Adventure was open and I was wanting to ride the new Ariel ride so we went over there and there was not even a wait we got right on and I loved it. We've never done the 3D Toy Story either so we hit that up and Sydney loved it. We also convinced her to do Soarin California which ended up being her favorite ride all together. After that we went back to Disneyland for the rest of the day and we had so much fun. We even got to do Goofy's Kitchen for dinner and Sydney enjoyed it so much! We got back to our hotel room around 8:30pm and we were exhausted. Sydney went non stop for over 12 hours without a stroller and she was so well behaved!

Saturday at Disneyland was insane! We had no idea but it was "Gay Days Anaheim 2011" while we were there and the place was packed. We did as much as we could but the lines were so long. What was maybe a 20 minute wait on Friday was anywhere from 1-1.5 hours. But the best part was getting to eat lunch at my favorite place Tony and Romas! Oh my goodness I LOVE that place and pray it never closes down!

Sunday we decided to go to Knotts Berry Farm. I haven't been since I was little and wanted to try it out. We got Sydney to do the log ride with us twice which is huge cause she wouldn't do it at Disneyland. The first time she didn't know what to expect the second time when the drop came she SCREAMED! But it was well worth it! We left when it closed at 5pm and went back to our hotel for dinner and then spent the last few hours before bed at downtown Disney. We love hanging out and just looking at all the little shops and then staying for the fireworks!

Sunday we packed up our stuff and ate a big breakfast and headed back home! Seth had a good time with my parents and even drank a few bottles for them. Ember spent every second with Jen and they did so much together including shopping :)

It was a great getaway and we had so much fun spending a few days with just Sydney! Sydney did talk a lot about Seth and Em and that she missed them and so did we. Mike did Disneyland every year with his dad and it is something that he wants to continue so next year I think the little ones will be ready to experience it as well!