Time Flies.

Oh goodness I am so sorry it has been so long since I have posted on here. A ton has happened!

1. Seth finally got his new bed and we put it together October 28th. It has been amazing and a great thing especially for Mike and I. We have a place that we believe is completely safe. He is able to sleep in there but also crawl and play. It has been an amazing blessing!

We took the mattress and the gate that he use to sleep on and put it in the living room so he has a place around all of us to hang out in and do his own thing without having Mike or I hold him or watch him 24/7.

2. Connery turned 1 and we went to her halloween party and had a great time!

3. Halloween. The MacCallum Family decided to do something together. So Drew was the red queen, Lorelai was the white queen, and Topher was the Mad Hatter. So Sydney was Alice and Seth was the caterpillar. They were all so cute.

Sydney was Alice and Seth was the caterpillar

4. Sydney turned 5 and she had her birthday party with her bestest friend Lorelai and we did it at an amazing gym and the kids had a great time!

5. Lisa turned 30 and we went to The Duce to celebrate her and had a BLAST! I was able to get a hold of her friend Trena and she flew down to see her and it was a great surprise. Some of these were taken with my phone so they are not the greatest.

Love this Picture! I hope that you had a blast! It was a great 30th birthday and I love you :) 

6. Seth lost his first tooth!

Right after it happened

All cleaned up and still cute.

7. My little Emmy Pie turned ONE on December 1st and we had her birthday party December 3rd and we had a great time. Lisa made such a cute cake and all the kids had so much fun just playing in the play room.

I can not believe that my little girl is already ONE. She is such a blessing and such a beautiful little girl. She can make me crazy but man I love her. Happy Birthday sweet Emmy Pie!