Christmas Eve and Christmas!

So this year my parents went to Costa Rica over Christmas which is not out of the ordinary. We use to always go skiing when I was younger during Christmas so when they told me I was totally okay with it cause that is just normal for my side of the family.

On Christmas Eve my grandma had everyone over at her house and we did out gift exchange game and something I come out with something really good or just something so not cool. This year we got a barns and noble gift card and one other thing which I do not remember so that means it probably was not that great :) While we were drawing numbers Ember decided to vomit and it went on Steven which just made me laugh :) I thought maybe it was just a one time thing but she did it again a couple times the rest of the evening. Mike and I that night wrapped the gifts and put everything in the stockings and watched a christmas movie but right now I do not remember if it was Christmas with the Kranks or Elf. Either way I love both of them so I know it was a good night :)

CHRISTMAS morning we waited for the kiddos to wake up. Ember was the first one and she woke up with diarrhea everywhere and it just kept going all day so we knew that she had some type of virus. Seth was next at 8 and I got his food down him and medicine and he was ready for the day. Sydney didn't wake up till about 9am which is so not normal for her but she was so excited when she came out and saw that Santa had been here and ate some of the cookies. I love the age she is at and how she gets so involved with everything. We opened our gifts and Sydney got her most wanted item which was kookoo birds and puppies. She was so excited. Seth got a water mat and a toy that goes in the bathtub and attaches to the side and it has music and bubbles and he LOVES it. Embers biggest thing was the little people zoo. But the kids all got one big gift and it was a trampoline for the back yard. We set it up right before my parents left so they got it a little early but they all love it, especially Seth. He gets alone time out there and he just loves being out on it by himself. If we go out there with him then he LOVES to bounce.

We called grandma Lois around 10am and told her that Ember had a stomach bug but she came anyways. We opened gifts when she came and had a nice lunch and just hung out and watched some movies. She left around 5 and we just hung out the rest of the night. It was such a nice evening just hanging out and changing Ember's diaper every 30 min.

Few days before Christmas on their trampoline

He loves it so much

My 5 year old!

 She is so cute and so not matching :)

Syd and the gingerbread house we did together

Stockings hung

Christmas tree and presents

 Opening her gifts

 One of her favorites

We have yet to get this filled and she reminds us at least once a week

Seth opening his with help from daddy

...and Sydney

 OHHHHHHH lights

His water mat

Eating some lunch...such a goof

Her new bike and she loves it.