And so it continues!

Well Wednesday morning I woke up to puke in Ember's crib and I just knew it was gonna be a wonderful day. Sydney told me her tummy hurt so I kept her home from preschool and she ended up not eating much except a few bites here and there until this morning (saturday) Ember on the other had was horrible Wednesday-Thursday and then Friday she just wouldn't eat anything at all and just cried. Today she was fine until 11:45am and then hell broke lose and I was gonna lose my mind. She wouldn't even have a popsicle. I had tried to get into the doc yesterday but there was nothing available and Monday seemed so far away so I decided to take her into the PCH urgent care praying that they find something wrong with her. As soon as we get there she starts acting fine walking around all happy and smiling at the nurses and of course EATING crackers. When the doc comes in I know I sound stupid but she just isn't acting right. He checks her fever, checks her breathing and neck all good, looks in the ears all good, then checks the throat and what does he find....SORES lots of them. She has Hand-Foot-Mouth!!!!!!! Great wonderful just what I needed :) I am actually really glad they found something wrong. Even though I knew she wasn't acting herself you never know with this girl. I mean she can be a brat quite often but this was more than her typical bratty self. So right now I am waiting on Walgreens to finish her numbing cream for her mouth and ear drops. The doc wants us to but drops in the ears cause it is all connected and help relieve pressure if it builds up.

Praying for a quick recovery for her. Even though I did read she can still be contagious for 1-3 weeks after she starts feeling better. Great!!!!