Ember recovered pretty quickly from her hand foot mouth after we finally figured out what it was. I thought we were over the sickness but I was wrong.

Friday evening we went to my parents to have some dinner and just hang out together and everyone was happy and excited to see grandma and grandpa. The girls got to go for a walk with grandma and Seth hung out with us and got a bath. But then Saturday happened! Seth woke up about 7am I went to get him out of bed and I thought he felt warm but nothing enough to check so I tried to feed him and he wasn't ready to eat yet which is nothing new so I let him go and play in his crazy cage and I would try to feed him in 30 min. I ended up having to tube feed him which again is nothing crazy and then put him down for a little alone time cat nap. He slept for an hour and when I got him up he was smokin hot! Im talking 103.5 HOT and I tried everything to get the thing down and the lowest I got it was 102.5. Every time he would spike he would have trouble breathing so I decided after dinner that I was going to take him into urgent care just in case the breathing was too bad and he needed some help. When we got there the fever was in the 104's and he was miserable and they were able to get it down in the 101-102's and he started breathing better. They did a chest xray and it came back normal so we were in the clear for pneumonia which was so awesome to hear because I really did not want to have him get admitted. They said it was just viral and as long as I can keep his fever down (because he struggles too hard to breathe when its high) I would not need to bring him back. Sunday we laid low and when he woke up he was 102.7 and not feeling great. He went back to bed after I tube fed him and he slept from 8:45 until 12 which is so not like him and then he went back down for another nap from 3-5. I feel so bad for him when he gets sick and can not tell us what is hurting or bothering him. I just wish he could point or show me what hurts!

Also another side note Monday April 2nd we got all the kids ready for bed and put Seth down about 7:45pm and we thought he fell asleep then we hear him laughing and playing which is also nothing new and he was still playing at 8:45 so Mike decided he would just go in there and lay with him. He left the lights off and climbed into bed with him and noticed something dark on Seth's face and so he used his phone light to look and there was blood all over his face so he gets out and turns the overhead light on and there is blood everywhere in his bed! He comes out and tells me Seth lost his other top tooth! SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!? was my only response. I went in and found the tooth thank goodness and started to clean everything and let me just say one more time...there was blood everywhere! all over his clothes-sheets-the sheets that I had hanging over his bed so he would not lose the other tooth. Oh goodness this boy!!!!! I will post pictures later when I get a moment.