Urologist and BIRTHDAYS!

I originally wrote this the week of June 22 and then something happened and it never got posted so here it is :)

So on Tuesday last week Seth had his urologist appt and I was so excited to go because I was thinking that Seth would get off his antibiotic that he has been on since birth because of his kidneys. (here is a link to the condition that Seth has VUR) The appointment was at 9 and we had to check in at 8:30am. It has been about a year since we went in there and I had to fill out new papers to update their system. When I get to the medical history sheet my heart always sinks a little. I wish I could be the mom that is able to check all the "no" boxes but instead I have to check many many "yes" boxes. The very irritating part is when you have to explain what the situation is or list out the medicine your child is on and they only give you a partial line. Some people need paragraphs here people! Anyways enough of that :) We waited so very patiently and finally got called back to do his ultrasound. I gave him some music to listen to so he would stay still and for the 30 min he did pretty good. He complained a few time and tried to roll over but for the most part he was a rock star. Let me tell you trying to hold this boy down is hard, he is one strong little boy! After the ultrasound we had to go back into the waiting room and wait until they called us back to a room to have our actual appointment and talk about the ultrasound results.

Dr. Bailey's nurse came in to talk to me which was fine because I really like her. When she walked in the first thing she asked was how was he feeling and had he had any UTI's (in my head I am thinking he shouldn't have any cause you fixed the problem) and I knew at that moment something still was not right. (Remember in my last post that I mentioned our appointment after his surgery in 2010 that they did an ultrasound in December and his kidney was still enlarged a little bit.) Well she started to tell me that his right kidney and ureters (grade 4 before surgery) are perfect and everything is looking great there but the left kidney (grade 5 before surgery) and the ureters and enlarged and worse than before the corrective surgery. My first reaction was are you serious...she said yes. She said most likely there is a blockage it happens in about 1% of the kiddos. Great, Im thinking well perfect my kid once again gets in that wonderful 1% range. So we have Seth scheduled for a VCUG to check his kidney reflux and then a MAG3 test scheduled to check for a blockage. We should have these done before July 10th when we come in for the results.

JUNE 22 my precious little guy turned 3! 

I can not even begin to tell you how much I can not believe he is already 3. He is a true miracle and an amazing little boy. I went to my moms on Friday and my mom and all the kiddos and of course me went to Sams club and did a little shopping and then I got some cupcakes for his little birthday. That evening my mom and dad came over after dinner and we took Seth swimming because that is his absolute favorite thing ever. While Mike and I took the kiddos swimming with my mom, my dad stayed behind and put up Seths swing that we got him. He is so in LOVE with it and can swing for hours. He even falls asleep in it. We had a great day with Seth and celebrating him and how far he has come. It is crazy to think back on his birth and the event in the NICU and all of the unknown and having no idea if he would even get out of the NICU. We were told he would not be normal and he would never crawl and be a typical kid. Seth is amazing and can do all these things and more:

-roll over
-sleeps through the night
-can knock out his own teeth

He is a miracle boy that has beaten so many odds and is still going strong! Happy Birthday my wonderful little boy! Here are a few pictures from his birthday.

Here is the swing that grandpa put up for him and he was so stinkin happy!