24 hour EEG

Friday mid-morning I got a call from Dr. Williams nurse saying that he agreed that Seth needed another 24hour EEG to figure out if the breathing episode that Seth is having are in fact seizures. Well a few hours after that I get a call from scheduling and I figured it would be a few weeks out oh boy was I wrong. They wanted me to go in that night. I couldn't do that especially with 2 other girls and knowing that these can go past 24 hours I needed to line up some help. So I agreed to 6am on Saturday morning and let me tell you it was insane! We had to go through the ER and they had no idea what was going on and then finally when we got to a room I think it was 11:30am and I think it was around 1:45 when they finally got him all hooked up and ready to go. The night was not as bad as our first 24 hour sleep study. They brought in this padded gate thing and two mattress so he can crawl around and play and also sleep in there, which is what he is doing right now :) I was up about every hour and he slept way more than I did. The lights have to be one and that was the most annoying part because Seth loves light. His room at home is so dark at night and most of the time he goes right to sleep but here they let the lights off for a few minutes until he falls asleep and then they rush in and turn them on...SO ANNOYING!

Anyways I have no idea how long we will be here, as of right now he has had is normal spasms which I do not even press the button for (someone has to be in the room at all times to press a red button every time he has a seizure so they can mark it on the EEG and video) well last time I had to press it for the spasms and they were in here all the time and when you press it ALL the lights come on super bright and they run like crazy people. So this time I am not even pressing it for those only for the "tonic clonic" seizures and then these new breathing episodes. He has had 1 tonic clonic this morning and so far no breathing episodes. So this could be a long haul. As much as I would love to be out of here today I am thinking that will for sure not happen. Prayers that I get some much needed sleep tonight.