Tooth Fairy

My baby girl has officially lost her first tooth. We have been waiting for this dang tooth to come out for almost a year. She had so much work done to her top 4 teeth that it made it ready to come out earlier than normal. Her new tooth I dont think is even ready to come in but thats okay she was super excited to lose it. I was so happy for her cause she was so excited but yet at the same time it made me so sad to see that visual of her growing up. Everytime I look at her now with that goofy smile it is bittersweet. I had to leave really early Saturday to take Seth to PCH for his EEG study that I completely forgot the tooth fairy. Mike told me she woke up in tears saying the tooth fairy forgot her so I had him write a note to her from the tooth fairy and put a little gift on the front porch and had him tell her the tooth fairy had so many kiddos lose their teeth last night that by the time she got to our house it was almost morning so she left it by the front door. So that made her feel much better :)