School Again

August 13th was suppose to be Seth's first day of school but we had our anual MacCallum/Marinello summer vacation in Palm Springs so we had him miss his first week cause we could not NOT go on vacation :)

So he started the following week and it was a little nerve wracking. He started school on the 20th and then 3 days later Mike and I left for our 30th Birthday cruise, which by the way was AMAZING! He has been LOVING school so much and it really has been the best thing for us. He has an amazing teacher who I love and she does not baby him at all which is so nice. When she tells him "No" and he gets so mad at her, I think it is so funny! He has been going to school for a full month now and had his first field trip to the Phoenix Children's Museum. 

Seth goes to school Monday-Thursday from 8:45-1:45pm. I did really well dropping him off his first few days and I think because I had so many other things that I was trying to figure out. But 3 weeks ago was harder for me and I stayed all day on Thursday and just watched was able to see what they do everyday and how therapies are incorporated into his daily routine. Right now there are only 3 kids in the class, Seth and two other girls. Starting tomorrow Seth will have another girl classmate so he will still be the only boy in his class. He is so crazy and he loves to play with his teachers. We have been struggling with the "throwing himself" backwards and hurting himself because it is not the softest carpet in his class. We have the same problem here at the house and that is why his bed is so nice because it is a place that I can put when when I need to get something done and I know that it is SAFE for him. He also loves to rough house and that is hard to handle in the class room as well because he is so much more mobile than the others and he doesn't mean to but he can attack the girls cause he wants to play. He really is the cutest little boy with the most amazing smile. They have a vibrating table in the classroom that he loves, they put the feeding chair on it and then strap him in the chair and he will just laugh or he even falls asleep sometimes. After a week his teacher decided to hook up a switch to the side of the chair and then to the vibrating table and programed it so that the table would turn off after 15sec and if Seth wants it back on he hits the button on the side of the chair. He figured this out so quickly it was amazing. When I stayed that Thursday she showed me how he does it and he is so good at it. It is just amazing to see what he really understand. I can not wait to get him is AUG COM device so he can start telling us what he wants.  Seth also had his first field trip to Phoenix Children's Museum and he had a fun time. He just really hates being in his wheelchair and letting him to roam isnt the best thing either so he got a little frustrated but in the end it was a great time for him and I to just be together with his classmates and have fun. 

I have a few more posts to get everyone caught up on what is going on in Seth's life and then I will do another post about school and all the new things we've been trying and what he has been learning.