Vacation to Disneyland

February we were going to go to Chicago with the girls but with something came up with family and where we were staying so we decided to take the girls to Disneyland because we already had Seth staying at the Ryan House. So on the 3rd we got all of Seth's stuff together and I took him down to the Ryan House and since it was already late I got him all ready for bed and he fell asleep instantly. It was a lot easier to leave knowing he was fast asleep. Here is a picture of him all tucked in and fast asleep, not sure if you can see him but he's in there. 

The next morning we got the car packed up and ready to go and went down to the Ryan House before heading to CA. We had to drop off his reflux medicine and of course had to give him a few extra kisses. 


It was a pretty nice drive with not much complaining from the girls. They got to watch their movies and eat lots of snacks. We only did one stop on the way in Palm Springs. We went to Walmart and got some food for the hotel as well as snacks for while we were at Disneyland. We also forgot a stroller for Em so we got cheap umbrella stroller because there is absolutely no way I am going to hold her the whole time. We got to the hotel in time for some dinner and they played a little bit and then went to bed. 

Wednesday we got up nice and early and headed down to breakfast. The hotel we stayed at had a hot breakfast included so we stuffed ourselves and made the girls eat as much as they could and went and waited for the shuttle to take us to the Park. The girls were so excited and Em just kept mentioning how much she wanted to see Elsa and Anna. 

Once we got our tickets and got into the park we only had access to main street because the actual park/rides don't open until 9am. So we got ourselves a drink and headed to the area of fantasy land so we could try and get in line to see Elsa and Anna. When they opened the area everyone ran into the area and of course by the time we got to the line for Frozen Characters it was already beyond the 2 hour wait and honestly we would have spent so much time in the line rather than enjoying the rest of the park so we figured we would try again the next morning. So with little amounts of tears from Emmy I was able to take her away from the area and head to the carousel and teacups. 

It wasn't very crowded at all which was really nice and when we go back again we will make sure to do it around Feb again it was so nice to not wait more than 10-15 min for a ride. The teacups that morning hardly had a line and we were able to just get right back on again which is a good thing because I think we ended up riding it 4 times in a row, everything was spinning for me :) I honestly do have anymore pictures from that first day which is making me quite sad. We went and did space mountain, rockets, space tours, pirates, jungle cruise, Indiana Jones, and haunted mansion. Then decided to head over to California Adventure and went straight to cars land and got to go on some of those rides which was nice cause the times we have gone before the wait at cars land was insane and this time we got on in about 10 min. We also did the litter mermaid which is my favorite. Ember was too little for soarin so Sydney and I did it and then Mike got to go next (rider swap- so you all enter the ride and tell the worker that you want to swap and then one adult goes while the other waits with the kids and then when they are done you can switch.) Since Sydney can ride she got to do it twice. We also watched the parade in California Adventure and also went to the Disney Jr. show which both girls LOVED. They got to see Mickey Mouse Club House and Doc McStuffins. We then went back over to disney because Mike wanted to go on the Haunted Mansion, his favorite ride. The girls are scared of this one plus it was already dark and it would have freaked them out some more so I stayed behind with them and got them some snacksThe girls had so much fun and I love being there with them. They get so excited to see everything. We stayed as long as they could handle and then went back to the hotel ate some dinner and the girls crashed.

Thursday morning we got up again bright and early and stuffed our faces with breakfast and headed to Disney. We got there and once again headed straight to meet Elsa and Anna and once again the line was already past the 2 hour mark and by the time we got into line we heard others talking and they said that about where we were in line we were looking at 3-4 hours so needless to say we decided not to wait in the line. I think if we had my parents with us and my mom had a book to read she would have totally stood in line for us and we could have taken the girls on some rides and then been able to come back. So Mike wanted to do star tours again so he took Sydney and I took Em on the rockets which she always loves and then it started raining. The one thing that we really didn't plan for was rain. Em had a jacket that was pretty much perfect but Sydney only had a zip up sweatshirt and I only had my hoodie. At that point we decided to go and meet the princesses. It was about an hour wait but it was covered and Ember was so excited. She got to meet Ariel, Cinderella, and Aurora. She was in heaven and got them to sign her book. The rain finally stopped so we headed over and did autotopia. Around this time Mike and I were talking about what we wanted to do tomorrow (Friday). We were planning on spending one more day at Disney and then Saturday going to the aquarium and driving home Sunday, but Mike had this weird feeling that we should just go home Friday. I was not too excited about heading home but yet didn't fight it at all. We already got two incredible days at Disney with no long waits and literally got to ride all the rides. When we got back to our hotel Mike called to see if we could get our money back (we went through Get Away Today) and they said they would give us a refund after we checked out. So Friday morning we packed up and ate as much breakfast and headed home. The girls were sad but for some reason Mike and I just felt like we needed to be home and on Saturday there was this induction into the hall of fame for my high school basketball team that I decided I should go to since we were going to be home. We decided to let Seth stay at the Ryan house like planned until Sunday and the girls and Mike were going to come with me to the induction into the hall of fame. 

It was a wonderful time away and we always LOVE going to Disneyland. You literally go and think about nothing else but the magical day you are having. My girls need that sometimes and so do I and Mike. I really do want to bring Seth sometime. He has gone twice but he was way too little. The first time he was 8 weeks old and the second time he was 6 months old and very sick probably with RSV :) it was an insane trip and I want him to have fun riding some of the rides and just enjoying himself. So if we do take him I think it will just me Mike and I and Seth without the girls. Anyways until next time.