Long Time

Oh my goodness how long has it been? Again, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to keep you guys in the loop with everything that has been going on with our family and especially with Seth. I am just going to list the major things that have happened since the last post which was just about 2 years ago. OUCH!!! I am really bad at this but it can only get better from here right?

While we were in Disneyland Mike and I had this weird feeling that we just needed to come home early. We came home and decided to let Seth stay his full stay and we would pick him up Sunday because I had a basketball hall of fame celebration to go to. That night I got a call from the Ryan House that seths oxygen was really low and they called 911 and were taking him to PCH. He was actually in status and ended up lasting 2 hours. 

January 2015 we were told that Seth had something called Laryngomalacia and that he needs a trach. We decided against the trach. Our Pulmonologist said that our ENT Dr. Page might be able to do a surgery that might help for a little while and help keep his airway open. We saw Dr. Page in Feb. and decided that we would have the surgery and see how long it would help or if it would help at all. 

March 16th we did the surgery at Cardons

April 2015 was an extremely rough month for our family and we learned a lot about life and love and trusting in God even when nothing makes sense at all. (Sweet Scottlyn Calla Rose we miss you like crazy!)

June, Greg and Hailey got MARRIED and Seth turned 6. I can't believe my little guy is already six. 

July we got an email from Rio Swim Club offering Sydney a competitive team spot and she really wanted to do it. She swims two night a week from 6-7:30 and a huge increase in swim meets. We have done one team travel so far to Yuma and she had a blast. She has improved on her times for all of her strokes and also made it to regionals this year. She loves it and the girls she swims with are all sweet girls and she has made a lot of new friends.

August is a pretty big birthday month for us. Seth started 1st grade and we also went to Fake Palm Springs over my birthday as well as Mike's.

September Seth had his big hip surgery. They went in and cut out some of his femur bone and angled the ball of the hip back into socket and put in some plates and screws to hold it. It was a big deal but he rocked it out. The surgery was Friday and we were able to go home Sunday evening. He was on some pretty heavy pain meds and couldn't go back to school until he was off of them during the day. He had to keep his legs in a pillow wedge for 6 weeks day and night and then after that it was just at night. Finding things to keep him entertained during the day was the hardest thing and changing his diaper. I felt at times that we were parents to a newborn and hadn't a clue how to change a diaper. 

November Sydney turned 9 on the 12th and had a joint party with Lorelai. She hasn't had a party since she turned 5 and it just so happened it was a joint party with Lorelai as well. They had a party with a game truck. The girls had so much fun.

December Ember, my sweet littlest turned 5 and since we had a big FROZEN party for her last year we just had a fun day. She has wanted an american girl doll forever so we decided we would take her to the American Girl store and then out to lunch with her doll. She had a blast!